Return and exchange


Within 14 days of purchase, you can exchange or return unsuitable products. In order to carry out exchange and return procedures it is necessary to follow certain conditions:
  • purchase made on the online store;
  • less than two weeks (14 days) passed since the purchase of the goods;
  • the proof of payment for goods and delivery;
  • the presence of a completed form for a return or exchange;
  • the product was not used and kept as delivered to the recipient.

The customer can return the goods only in proper condition, which is possible under the following conditions:

  • the goods are free from stains and defects resulting from their use or improper storage by the buyer;
  • the original packaging is kept if the customer received the goods in the package;
  • If the size, fit, weight did not fit, the buyer pays for the return shipping;
  • If a defect or error in the order is found, we pay for the return shipping.



To return the goods you need:
  • ensure that the goods are returnable in accordance with the conditions described;
  • place the goods in its original packaging;
  • if you return multi-part order, place all the goods in the package.
To perform the return and exchange procedures, it is necessary to fill and provide the appropriate form with the goods. In case of a return of goods with a defect, you need to indicate the inadequacy found in the form. In case of non-detection or loss of blank, you can contact the manager and get a new copy.
In case of return or exchange of the goods, the cost of delivery shall be paid by the customer.
The return of the goods is carried out by the same postal service that was sent.
When making a delivery at the post office, pay attention to the estimated cost of the goods. The client must provide the total amount of the goods according to the cheque. The postal service is obliged to return only the estimated value of the parcel in case of its loss or damage.
If the goods are shipped using the cash on delivery service, they will be returned to the sender without refunding the cost of the goods and postal services.
The return to the Buyer of the cost of goods of good quality is carried out within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of such Goods by the Seller, subject to the requirements stipulated by this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.